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Welcome to the spOILed Life

Welcome to the spOILed Life 


Spoil your mind, body, and spirit with the therapeutic effects of pure essential oils and a healthy, chemical free family.  Join me on my journey to freedom.   We are blessed with many resources including our perfectly created bodies and the world around us.  Educating ourselves about our assets and resources is empowering and life altering!  Knowledge will give us the courage and vision to to live the spOILed Life. 

What is the spOILedLife?  It is a lifelong journey towards our best!  Living the spOILedLife means  to be well from within, be content in our own skin, aware of our gifts and talents, confident enough to reach out to others, and joyful in the process is world changing.

As a nurse anesthetist, mother, wife, sister, and daughter I have always had a passion for empowering people to improve their QUALITY of life.  Life is just too short, and each of us have been blessed with great gifts we are meant to share.  

Despite being active and "fit", over the course of 15 years I had become increasing ill:  achy joints, poor sleep, severe abdominal issues, anxiety attacks, chronic inflammatory issues; and yet no one had any answers for me.  I was beginning to feel as though I was crazy.  My husband and I knew there had to be an answer somewhere.  I finally found a physician who suggested it was the food I was consuming that was making me ill.  He was right.  A gluten free diet did change my life.  My anxiety ceased, my sinuses cleared, and my abdominal and pain issues largely resolved.  I felt like I had been given my life back!  But my journey was only just beginning. 

Over the last few years I had noticed we were increasingly more fatigued.  Our sleep quality was poor; and we were beginning to see the effects of sleep deprivation throughout our lives.  I would have called us "healthy people." I thought we were eating well, staying active, and were not on any medications.  However, we were still exhausted.  My husbands migraines were getting worse, and we were not sleeping as well.   With a second baby on the way I decided to see what my options were for "cleaning up our home and bodies".  With a tremendous amount of research and consultations with professionals what I found was life changing.  When I realized what I was exposing myself and family to on a daily basis I began seeking alternatives.  Along with dietary support and nature's ingredients, essential oils have tremendously helped our family seize each day and be our best!

These oils provide us the opportunity to care for our home and support our bodies in a healthy and natural manner.  

Over time, with a lot of research & experimentation, I have found many ways to naturally support myself and my family.  It has become my mission to empower others with this same knowledge & tool set.  

Being able to support mine and my family's bodies is empowering and also rewarding.  Knowing how to support their immune system, support their bodies, and comfort them has such a big impact on our overall health & well being.  I rest easier knowing that the spray I douse them in before we head outdoors is going to support their skin rather than damage their bodies.

Within these pages you will find answers about what essential oils are; as well as resources to assist you in your journey. We feel strongly that being able to replace your chemicals with a few natural ingredients is empowering and life changing.  We exist to make that transition easy, enjoyable, and empowering.  We currently offer a booklet consisting of recipes, application tips, and a few tricks as well as note cards so that you can educate others.   However, we are constantly creating new products and educational opportunities to empower you and your loved ones.  So join us on this crazy journey!  I would also love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact me anytime!

While at spOILedLife we promote creating your own products, if you feel strongly that making your own products is not for you rest easy.  You now have options to join this healthy community and purchase these products already made.  Laundry detergent, a truly "all purpose" cleaner, vegetable spray, hand soap and more can be purchased individually or in packages.  You can also spoil yourself with natural facial products.

If you would like additional information about essential oils or how to begin your journey please use the contact form or call me! 

You will also find an opportunity to purchase spOILed Life essential oil recipe cards so that you can easily start spoiling yourself and loved ones.