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Add our recipe & resource cards to your tool set!  These recipes have been tried, tested, and refined so that you might experience the benefits of using essential oils immediately! Categorized and color coded for easy use! With this booklet and a starter kit you can easily detoxify your environment! 

A great tool or promotion for your new members!

Satisfied customers report:

  • Increased enrollment in rewards programs
  • Improved satisfaction with ease of making homemade products
  • Increased use of essential oils

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Welcome to the spOILed Life

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We offer downloadable note cards to help you spread wellness!

Find class note cards for our entire Healthy & Fit Series:

1.  Chemical Free Family:  How to detox your home & why

2.  Fitness & Performance:  How to optimize your training time & prepare for mental or physical performance.

3.  Immune system support

4.  General Wellness with Essential Oils

I also offer a series devoted to professionals who might like to use oils in your practice.  If you are a massage therapist, physical therapist, occupation or speech therapist, athletic trainer, fitness instructor, or other professional who would like to know more about incorporating essential oils into your practice message me for details. 

Single Booklet:  $16.99

  • 40 Recipes including the following categories:
  • Body Support, Health & Beauty, Household, Outdoor, & Kids
  • 10 cards to assist with application, safety tips, common ailment
  • Graphics including body systems support & vita flex chart!